03 Apr 2011

Kathmandu Darkroom

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I had a darkroom in Kathmandu in 1978, provided by German friends who had brought the equipment in their Magic Bus from Munich. This is some of the photo printing work that I did during several weeks that I lived there during my slow road trip around the world. The Kathmandu valley was saturated and radiant with spring rains, and I was seeing everything for the first time.

Back in Toronto, the images caught the attention of the guys at Dreadnaught Press, which was affiliated with Coach House, and they made plans to send me back to Nepal with a fellow writer to shoot more and write it. We tried to find the money for it, but there were one too many coffee table books on the market by then. These photos (scans of the original prints) have not been published until now.

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29 Mar 2011

Karate Kids

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Karate Kids was a film I produced in 1989 when I served as Director of Educational Media at Street Kids International (1988 to 1998).  Here I produced animated films and the programs that delivered them to street educators in over 100 countries. Dealing with street life and HIV/AIDS, Karate Kids was the first of SKI’s educational cartoons, distributed in multiple languages around the world, and still in use today.  It was a co-production of SKI and the NFB, and directed by the great Derek Lamb with Kai Pindal as chief animator.

Karate Kids, Derek Lamb, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

26 Mar 2011

What Do You Mean By Green?

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Green filters, certification, screening criteria, eye of the green needle—how do you know if you’re ‘green’ enough?

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25 Mar 2011

New Article in Alternatives Journal and Other News

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Update from Chris Lowry (March 2010):

In March I gave a guest lecture to Dror Etzion’s MBA class at McGill University, for the second time, by Skype, on a laptop in my Toronto office, on the subject of local living economies and green business. A virtuous carbon footprint, to be sure, but I would have loved a trip to Montreal!

My new article on energetic responses to ‘peak everything’ featuring conversations with Jeff Rubin, Richard Heinberg and James Lovelock, is in the Spring issue of Alternatives Journal.