About Ecotone Productions

Ecotone Productions produces media. Our current project is the independent feature documentary Rebel Angel described on our home page.

Chris Lowry, M. Ed. is a media producer and musician He has played key roles in founding and building a variety of influential organizations and programs. He is a writer and editor of publications including magazines, books, training manuals and educational materials, and has overseen the production of many language versions of both print and video materials.

He co-founded Green Enterprise Toronto (2005-2009), The Brewers Plate, Street Kids International (1988-1998), Razorback Press, and The Journal of Wild Culture. Chris has also worked with agencies such as MSF/Doctors Without Borders (Canada) in the field of child health and rights.

He has won awards for his films and other work including a film portrait of the artist Jack Chambers and the AIDS education cartoon Karate Kids which was translated into 30 languages (Peter F. Drucker Award for Canadian Non-Profit Innovation). He served on the faculty of the Institute Without Boundaries at George Brown College School of Design in 2004.

Chris has published articles and essays in NOW Magazine, Corporate Knights, Alternatives Journal, TheMarkNews, Wild Culture, Resurgence (UK), Behind The Headlines, Descant, World Health Forum (UN/WHO), Development Communication Report (UNICEF), and has written papers for Metcalf Foundation, Médecins Sans Frontières – Canada, CIDA Policy Branch, UNDP and Street Kids International.

Ecotone Productions is Chris Lowry’s production company.

What’s an ecotone?

An ecotone is a transition area between two adjacent but different plant communities, such as forest and grassland. It may be narrow or wide, and it may be local (the zone between a field and forest) or regional (the transition between forest and grassland).[1] An ecotone may appear on the ground as a gradual blending of the two communities across a broad area, or it may manifest itself as a sharp boundary line.

The word ecotone was coined from a combination of eco(logy) plus -tone, from the Greek tonos or tension – in other words, a place where ecologies are in tension.

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