Rebel Angel

Here is the trailer for the feature documentary Rebel Angel. Here is a link to stream the film, as well as an introduction to the film and other information.    

Karate Kids

Karate Kids was a film produced in 1989 when I served as Director of Educational Media at Street Kids International (1988 to 1998).  Here I helped to make two animated films and the programs that delivered them to street educators in over 100 countries. Dealing with street life and HIV/AIDS, Karate Kids was the first…

Chambers: Tracks and Gestures (Excerpt)

Here is a clip from an award winning film I produced in 1981-82:  a biography of the Canadian painter Jack Chambers.  I worked with director/cinematographer John Walker and Altantis Films. “… a fascinating and invaluable portrait.” J. Hoberman, THE VILLAGE VOICE (New York) “One of Canada’s most important artists… a painter of fierce dedication and…

Ranch: The Alan Wood Ranch Project (excerpt)

The Ranch Project was an art installation in the foothills of the Rockies, which Steve DeNure and I filmed over the course of year, through the 4 seasons, with his ingenious time-lapse 16 mm Bolex photography. In the film-on-art genre, ‘Ranch’ is a clever mix of old Westerns, TV news, and gorgeous experimental film making…

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