18 Oct 2013

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February 2016

I have written a book of black-and-white photographs and text describing travels in the mountains of Afghanistan in 1977. It was at the end of a long period of peace, just a few months before the coup d’etat that began the conflicts that have been ongoing ever since. Designed by Larry Rossignol, Afghanistan: Before The Rain of Fire will be published this spring as an e-book by Ecotone.

Ecotone is developing a prototype for the game DeepCity with new partners, Wero Creative and OCADU Digitial Futures GamePlay Lab.

DeepCity is a strategy game for PC/Mac set in a strange, fascinating future. Your Goal: Survive. Defend. Regenerate.
Think Tamagotchi meets SimCity meets Civilization and you get the core of DeepCity. The game world is shaped through actions that allow a user to explore prospective futures of energy and carbon, extreme weather and social unrest, infrastructure and mobility, as well as resources such as food and water. DeepCity deals with a climate-changed habitat similar to Mad Max with a bizarre internet-influenced twist. This allows a game that is a set in a dark world to have a light look and feel (similar to Adventure Time). Scenarios in the game will be updated based on trends within internet culture for a sense of humour and cultural touchstones. It simulates how an urban regional (eco)system in the near future could regenerate and thrive or fail in adversity.

Visit werocreative.com/deepcity

Music News

SAVE THE DATE: Chris Lowry (vocals and guitar) and Tom Melville (piano) present Songs of Randy Newman at the Free Times Café SATURDAY MAY 28, 8 pm.

Upcoming house concerts in London March 19 and in Orillia April 8 with D’Arcy Wickham.

Chris Lowry and D’Arcy Wickham

Pianist Bill Gilliam have performed together at venues across the city. A few songs from our annual Dylan show can be found on my youtube music channel (Chris Lowry).

Girl From The North Country
Love Minus Zero (No Limits)
Frankie Lee and Judas Priest

Mind Mulch, Cranium Compost

Here’s a piece I published in the Journal of Wild Culture online, The War On… Scarcity—a PDF version for your summer reading! Steal this book – compliments of Ecotone.

Lowry – War on Scarcity

I was Senior Editor of the original Journal of Wild Culture, and I am delighted to be part of the new digital JWC.

Ecology and imagination, irreverence and mischief. wildculture.com.

More Music News:
I have uploaded my album, produced with local music legend David Woodhead, now available for you to download from Bandcamp.

If you’re looking for any of my work, you can find a lot of it here. Browse articles about my experiences with organizations such as Green Enterprise Toronto, Médecins Sans Frontières and Street Kids International, video clips from cartoons and docs that I have produced,  or listen to some music.

Chris Lowry

Email chris@ecotone.ca.