Colleagues, Associates, Organizations

Colleagues, Associates, Organizations


Adam Clare, Lead Designer, DeepCity

woodhead cdcvr

David Woodhead, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger


Bill Gilliam, pianist, composer

Dr. Deborah Cowman, Psychologist


Whitney Smith, Creative Director of the new Wild Culture Online; writer, musician and composer


Larry Rossignol, Rossignol Design


Al Booth, web developer, writer and composer


Greg Greene videographer/director, Planet Greene Productions.

Tim Wilson film maker.

h1-ecw Evergreen CityWorks is a research partner on the DeepCity project.

Chris serves as current President of the board of the Moore Park Residents Association with a particular interest in trail improvements and habitat restoration in the ravines that surround Moore Park.

Chris is the chair of the Fletcher Lake Cottagers Association. The association uses as a Facebook group for communications, as well as the occassional e-newsletter, The Dragonfly.

North American Bioregional Congress

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies